Common issues


We will be converting all your expressions to keyframes. This will be done automatically and cannot be skipped. With complex expressions this may result in unexpected outcomes. If you encounter this, please see if you can either change the outcome of the conversion to something desirable manually, remove the expressions to begin with and work from keyframes, or tweak the expressions to a simpler form that does work well with the "convert expressions to keyframes" command.


Im having performance issues/my UI is hanging.

The UI may become unresponsive during finalizing time. Please allow AE up to at least 15 minutes to try and chew through. If this crashes or does not finish, please try to simplify your project by reducing the amount of expressions, plugins, effects or anything that could make render times take longer and therefore the project heavier. Even though the UI might be unresponsive and stays stuck at 38%, the plugin is still rendering videos in the background when it has completed this task it will give you the finished rendering sound.

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