Finalize the project

Once everything is set up, you can finalize your project by clicking on “Finish”. The extension will warn you if any parts are not set up yet, or have the incorrect configuration. This is the time to fix these issues. Finalizing a project will alter your project in a way in which changes become much harder to make. We do make an automated backup, of course, so you can always go back to the previous state from before finalizing your project, but know that all work done after finalizing will then be gone. It is important that you double-check your project before continuing with the finalization. 

After you start the finalization process the Storyteq Extension will generate simplified files, combining non-dynamic layers, assets and effects into pre-rendered video files. One set of files for everything that goes underneath your dynamic elements, and a set of renders for everything that should go over dynamic elements. All generated files are imported and set in the right location automatically. The newly generated After Effects file will, therefore, be quite different from what you had before. New compositions will be created and names will be changed. Do not manually change anything after this. If you need to change things, please go back to the state from before the finalizing process.

You will be asked to “Collect files” - the automated process from After Effects to collect all required assets and bundle them together in an organized manner. Please do so by clicking the appropriate button in the Storyteq Extension. The Extension will automatically select the correct files. Please provide the Extension with a directory where to store the newly generated files and let it continue its automated process.

If you use custom fonts, please create a new folder in the newly created directory called “Fonts” and copy all used fonts into that folder. These need to be either in the TTF file format or the OTF file format. We are not able to use fonts from Adobe’s Typekit and will always need an installable file.

Your package is now complete.

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