Upload your project

After finalizing your project and creating the final project folder with all your assets and your fonts, you are ready to upload your project to the Storyteq platform.

To do this, simply click the upload button from within the Storyteq Extension. You will be prompted to log in if you haven’t done so already.
You can provide a name for your project, and direct the system to the newly created directory where all your files are present. 

Your files will then be uploaded to the Storyteq platform.
After the upload is complete, an initial test will be done to see if all your files are valid and nothing went wrong during the upload process.

Once given the green light by the system, you are ready to create your first test render. You will need to finish a quick test process to validate everything is working as intended after which we can deploy your project to our main render farm, enabling you to create as many unique videos as you want.

That’s it - you have successfully created a dynamic video project using the Storyteq platform.

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