2.1 The history of Storyteq

We’d love to share a story that would go along the lines of “we woke up someday and had that idea of the perfect creative automation platform”, but that would be a lie. We value honesty and transparency as it shows in our relationships, so let’s stick to the truth: it took a lot of work to reach the point we are at today.

In reality, Storyteq started off as a company called Storymail. Back then, we were focusing on manually creating personalized videos based on customer data, and distributed via email.

Storymail was a so-called ‘full-service agency’. We were handling the full production process, from writing scripts and producing videos, to building the software and running email campaigns at the same time. It was fun, yet chaotic. After a year we noticed that clients loved the software we had built, and it turned out that they liked our creative skills a bit less. They would often call asking whether or not it was ok to bring in their own creative agency and only use our software.

Admittedly, our passion for our software – our baby – was much bigger than our interest in producing videos. We then decided to take a leap of faith and chose to fully focus on one thing and one thing only: building an amazing platform to easily create personalized videos.

This gave birth to Storyteq and buried Storymail. We actually still have tons of old Storymail marketing material in case you’re into vintage collection.

While Storyteq started as a video personalization tool, our customers repeatedly asked us to spread the Storyteq magic for other purposes. This is the part where we truly understood where the challenge was: creating and sharing dynamic videos that could be distributed across an increasing number of ad channels and campaigns. This meant a variety of formats, languages, CTAs, and much more, all that while maintaining creative control and consistency.

Over the past couple of years, we’ve developed the product from a “simple” personalization tool to a creative automation platform to easily adapt content to multiple markets, customers and advertising channels. As our product and team continue to grow, one thing stays the same: our ability to listen and adapt to our client needs. Combined with our strong industry expertise, we are committed to build and deliver the best solution out there.

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