2.3 Our customers

Who are we building our platform for? Our customers are medium to large enterprise companies such as Heineken, Netflix, Voodoo, and Ahold. Think of companies with 200+ employees and 200mio+ revenue. 

Within these companies, we defined three personas:

  • Sara: Creative leader
    • Responsible for leading the creative team. Overlooks the quality, speed and costs of the delivered output. Work is commissioned by the marketing department.
    • Why Storyteq? It increases her team's output, she gains control and can better serve her clients. 
  • Pete: Editors & designers
    • Responsible for creating the actual output and meeting the delivery deadlines. Focuses on creating new concepts and adapting existing concepts.
    • Why Storyteq? It makes his life easier. No more boring and repetitive work.
  • Jean Philippe: Marketing leader
    • Responsible for leading the marketing team(s). Consider them to be the client of creative teams. They demand content and look for advertising strategies to improve results.
    • Why Storyteq? It lets him discover new and effective ways to create his online ad strategy. 
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