3.1 Who is who

Our employees are our most valuable asset. 

“Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first” - Simon Sinek

Lennard Kooy - CEO (chief executive officer)

Our get-it-done manager and Excel-wizard. Had a fairytale wedding in Italy and is a good tennis player. 

Profile photo of Guido Derkx

Guido Derkx
- CRO (chief revenue officer)

Entrepreneur since the age of 13. Father of two kids. Lives in a renovated barbershop in Amerongen (where?!)


Rogier Ros - Sales lead

Storyteq’s very first employee. Always running and working while staying funny and witty. 

Profile photo of Jasper Meijer

Jasper Meijer - Account & sales

Father of Daan, loves a jigsaw puzzle, always up for a chat and a laugh. 

Profile photo of Alise Ščerbiņina

Alise Scerbinina - SDR (sales development representative)

Originally from Latvia, but has been living in Rotterdam for a while so speaks a few words of Dutch.

Profile photo of Kristine Ugalde

Kristine Ugalde - SDR (sales development representative)

Our all American girl that lived in Paris, picked up a French guy and found her way to us.  

Customer Success

Simon Blok
- Customer Success lead & product owner

One of our employees who’s been with us from the start. Covered many positions, from creative to commercial roles. Father of twins. 

Margreet Lindeboom - Customer Success Manager

The Customer Succes Manager we all have been waiting for. We introduce to you, Margreet.

Product development

Badr Eddial
- Technical lead

Our wizkid that built the render tech from the ground up. Father of the platform, and will shortly also be the father of an actual child (together with colleague Renée).

Profile photo of Koen van de Beek

Koen van de Beek - UX design & frontend developer

Excellent in pulling off the grumpy act, but is actually sweet and thoughtful on the inside. Actually cares about the plants in the office. 

Matthieu van de Bosch - Sr. full stack developer

One of our great full stack developers and frontend genius, living in Alkmaar. 

Profile photo of Ronald Timmers

Ronald Timmers - Full stack developer

Our water polo-ing and mountain biking developer. Expecting a baby girl end of 2020. 

Profile photo of Alexandru Vilau

Alexandru Vilau - Sr. backend developer

Our Romanian developer in heart and soul. Brought his little brother to his interview and arranged a job for him.

Profile photo of Vilau Stefan

Stefan Vilau - Jr. full stack developer

Started out as ‘the little brother of Alex’, but quickly became one of our great developers and team members. 

Profile photo of Rasmus Ståhl

Rasmus Ståhl - Jr. front-end developer

Our newest addition to our dev-team, all the way from Sweden: Rasmus. 

Profile photo of Rasmus Ståhl

Marius-Patrick Giurca - Quality Assurance Intern

Is it a plane? is it a bird? No, it's our new QA intern Patrick! Going for the quality assurance every company needs. 

Managed service

Renée Reijnders - Operations lead

For a long time the only woman in the company, so the matriarch of the team trying to tie the loose ends. In a relationship with Badr, and expecting a baby girl in October. 

Profile photo of Jeroen Rommelaars

Jeroen Rommelaars - Video tech lead

Started out as our cameraman, but soon developed himself to our After Effects wizard. Do you hear a strange noise? It’s probably him. 

Profile photo of Eline Schuurs

Eline Schuurs - Project manager

Our always cheerful and fun, but also getting-things-done project manager. 

Mykolas Brazaitis - Video tech & editor

Can’t miss him. Our tall guy from Lithuania. Knows the most random Dutch words. “Waanzin!”


Profile photo of Guillaume Fernandez

Guillaume Fernandez
- Marketing lead

Oui, oui. Our French guy, who also has some Spanish blood, lives in Rotterdam and named his daughter after the Italian city Milan. 

Profile photo of Pim van Willige

Pim van Willige
- Marketing employee

After being a safari guide in South Africa, he started as our growth hacker intern and is now part of the marketing team. 

Profile photo of Bo Tiedink

Bo Tiedink - Designer 

Our pretty boy designer with a tad of hipster. Used to make ice cream in the shape of roses, now visualizes all our marketing output.  

Profile photo of Bo Tiedink

Andreea Serb - Content Strategist

Our new Content Strategist that knows everything about writing content, an amazing addition to our marketing team.

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