3.2 Code of conduct

Yes, we have a management team, but we try to keep our company as flat as the country it was founded in. From intern to CEO, all ideas are valuable and all questions can be asked. We work in an open space, no ivory towers but approachable colleagues. Only make coffee for your colleagues if you want to. Everyone helps to keep the office cleaned up, loading the dishwasher, putting lunch on the table and watering the plants. And most importantly, everyone can have fun with each other!

Other important things:

  • We are open, transparent and honest. Every month we have a meeting where we share our financials and plans for the company. No hidden agendas or secret projects. Do you have any questions? Ask your neighbour, the person across from you during lunch, the sales manager, marketing manager, etc. Ask whomever. Withholding information encourages gossip and speculation and we want to stay as far away from that as possible. 
  • Personal contact is important and based on equality. No one is just a number. In line with our core value ‘create connections’, we probably know your dog's name (or at least your kids’ names) and are sincerely interested in what you did last weekend. This does not only apply to our employees, but also to our customers (but don’t be creepy ;-)). 
  • Constant improvement and growth. Everyone in our company always wants to make things better, more fun and learn new stuff. A process can always be improved. Did you find a new tool, a new way of working or a cool blog? Share it with the team. Can’t find a good tool to fix an annoying repetitive or slow step in your process? Ask the development team to build something for it. With constant improvement and growth, comes change. We love change. 
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