4.1 Company stand-up & daily team-stand-ups

On Tuesdays at 9 o’clock we have a company stand-up to keep all the employees aligned and informed. The meeting takes about 15 minutes. Every team lead shares a short update on what the team has worked on, is working on, and the progress on the team goals. Besides that, there’s room for people to share things they want to share with the whole team, think of birthday cakes that can be found in the fridge, upcoming babies or events, or whatever you find worth sharing. Don’t be late. It’s the only moment in the week where we really value this. 

Besides the weekly company stand-up, most teams also have a daily team-stand-up. These standups are meant to provide focus and awareness of running projects and outstanding issues within the team. It goes into more depth than the company stand-up. Each team member answers three questions: What did I do yesterday? What will I do today? Are there any issues or roadblocks for which I need help from a team member? 

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