4.3 Tools

We use several tools to make our lives easier. These are the most important ones: 

  • KinHR: Our HR application. Here you can see how many vacation days you have, request for time off, find your pay-slips and check the calendar for your colleague’s days off.
  • Slack: Our internal communication application. It replaces internal emails and WhatsApps. You can join the channels in Slack that you find interesting or make new channels that are needed. 
  • Dropbox: Our file management application. Store all your important files in clear folders. 
  • Asana: Our project management application. Organize, track and manage projects and tasks. From the development team’s roadmap to client projects and separate tasks. Your to-do list on steroids. 
  • Hubspot: Our sales application. The sales team’s pipeline, deals and communication with prospects and clients. 
  • GitHub: Our software development application. The development team’s tool for managing code. 
  • Helpscout: We have guides about our platform here: https://guides.storyteq.com/. These are made with the help of Helpscout.
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