4.4 Days off

If you want a day off, log into KinHR and submit the time and day. Your manager will review the request and if possible approve it. Is a plumber or handyman dropping by? You can (partly) work from home, so no need to take a day off. Just share it in your team stand-up so your teammates know you are working remotely. 

Last-minute days off can happen, check with your manager if it’s possible. But preferably, especially if it’s multiple days in a row, submit your request at least 3 weeks in advance.

We don’t have a set limit on how long a holiday can be. However, we do ask you to discuss with your team and manager first if you’re planning a month hiking in Nepal. 

In KinHR, your holiday days accrue. So every day you’ll get a tiny bit of holiday day added to your total. The amount depends on how many hours a week you work. If you work 40-hours a week, you get 25 days a year, which translates to about 0.55 hours per day. You can go negative in your balance. This is no issue, you’ll make up later in the year. Do keep in mind that you have 25 days a year (when working 40 hours), so you can’t take more than 25 days a year. 

We allow you to carry over 15 unused days in a year to the next year. If you have more, go on holiday and drink a Pina Colada. You probably need and deserve it… I Love Pina Coladas

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