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A listing of all changes that have been made to the Storyteq products: The Cloud-Based Creative Automation Platform, the included Template Builder, and the After Effects Extension.

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Template Builder - v0.7 - Banners

November 30, 2020

Tho we already offered solutions to create video banners for you, we're now providing you with the tools to make HTML5 banners from scratch, by yourself! With version 0.7 of the Template Builder, you get a new template type to select when starting out to create a new template: Banner! Start out with one of the familiar banner sizes in the presets and add sizes along the way. Within no time you will have a dynamic banner template with which you can create multiple banners, containing different products, in different sizes with a few clicks.

🚀 Features that are worth mentioning:
  • Banners have a browser coverage of 93%
  • The base size of your HTML5 Banner is less than 10Kb, compressed
  • Banners include polite load
  • Fallback image can be set to any point in time of the banner duration, allowing it to include dynamic elements
  • Using Enabler.js, the banners are compatible with Campaign Manager 360 and Display & Video 360 platforms

Storyteq Platform - v2.0

November 10, 2020

We're pushing the version of the Storyteq Creative Automation Platform to v2.0! With a revised template overview and expanded template settings, the platform has grown to a website that's far removed from what version 1 once was. These changes should allow you to more easily navigate through your template features (such as batches), manage your template better and set you up for upcoming features in the Storyteq Template Builder!

🚀 What's New
  • Template Settings panel
    • Besides the general settings you were accustomed to, we have added multiple other settings which are both new or imported from a different place. Through template versioning, you can delete, duplicate and publish versions. The media naming has been added to this modal and if you have an integration this is the place where you can manage it.
  • Template Parameter Settings
    • As part of the template settings, we have created a specific section for the parameters of your template. Now you can manually set:
      • The order of parameters (which will impact the media creation form)
      • The labels of parameters
      • A parameter description
  • Action bar for important actions
    • If you have a draft for a Template Builder template, or if you have an After Effects template that still is in testing mode, the page will show you a big action bar that you can use to quickly navigate to your draft or to publish your template. You can also close this bar and it will not show again for the current draft version of your template. 
  • Quick Media Actions
    • On each media row in your template table, you'll now have access to some shortcuts on hover, allowing you to quickly perform actions without having to expand the row
  • Batch Tabs
    • Previously each batch had its own page. Now a batch opens in a new tab, which you can also close manually. You can quickly navigate between the batches and the template overview, while you can also now filter through your batch media.
✨ Optimisation
  • UX & UI Improvements
    • When selecting multiple media, the actions you can perform and how they are presented have been smoothed out
    • You can now also set a template description to give other users an idea about the template
    • The table has received a small update to get a more clean feeling

Template Builder - v0.6

October 13, 2020

Quickly after version 0.5, we follow up with v0.6 for  Dynamic Sizes. No more duplicates of templates just to get a different size for your video: You can all do it now in the same template!

🚀 What's New
  • Add and manage sizes
    When editing a template, you can now add one or more additional sizes. You can label these yourself, and remove them if you're not happy with the result.
  • Automatically resize
    When adding a size, you can select an existing size to source from. This size is then used to calculate the sizing and positioning of each timeline element with respect to your newly added size! Magic!
  • Size-specific visibility
    The timeline is shared through all sizes, but you can show or hide elements on each individual size
  • Create multiple sizes with one Template Builder template!
    Before you needed an After Effects project to render multiple sizes. Now, thanks to the Dynamic Resizer, you're only a few steps away from rendering multi-size media with a single template, without using additional software!

For more extensive information, check out the guide for Dynamic Sizes.

Template Builder - v0.5

October 1, 2020

Version 0.5 of the template builder brings a load of new features improving the basic editing features, but also bringing unique features like magically resizing your template to a different aspect ratio.

🚀 What's New
  • Added duplicate and resize functionality
    • Duplicate your current template directly in the editor
    • Resize the template to a different aspect ratio, using a smart algorithm to magically reposition all your elements
  • Snapping and alignment guidelines
    • Will activate when enabling the magnet in the top bar
    • Helps with snapping and alignment of elements on the canvas
  • Adjustable canvas
    • Enables you to get straight down to the nitty gritty
    • Use the magnifying glass to set a zoom factor or use your middle scroll
    • Or move freely by holding spacebar and dragging the mouse around the canvas
  • Layer multi selection while holding shift key (formerly cmd/ctrl key)
    • Move multi-selection on the canvas
    • Delete multi-selection using backspace/delete
    • Move multi-selected layers on timeline, while holding shift
  • Added drag and drop directly from file explorer
    • Dropping a file or font on canvas or timeline instantly places it on the canvas and uploads it in the background
    • Dropping inside the editor's file viewer will upload the file
    • Any of these actions can also be done while dragging multiple files into the editor
✨ Optimisation
  • Improved file viewer
    • Styling improvements
    • Display video durations
  • Improved canvas controls
    • Moving elements using arrow keys (hold shift to increase movement speed)
    • Added more keybindings
  • Sidebar improvements
    • Various UX improvements
    • Hex color and opacity fields beside color picker are now interactive
    • Selecting any number field (dimensions, position etc.) you can hold down ctrl/cmd to speed up increments by 10

Storyteq Platform - v1.7

September 15, 2020

Version 1.7 of the platform introduces an updated creation form for media, which centres more on the media preview, and a quick access search bar for you to navigate to other templates in a matter of seconds. We have also optimised certain platform flows like the uploading of your files (you can drop right away), CRM Analytics, and media upload. You can also filter for media that have not been uploaded yet now, and your PNG assets will be easier to recognise with the checkerboard background.

🚀 What's New
  • Renewed Media Creation Form
    • We've prioritised the media preview more, which appears for every template created with the Template Builder and for selected After Effects templates.
    • The Media Preview has been updated, allowing you to more easily toggle between player modes
    • Direct access to create or edit a draft of your Template Builder templates, or to publish your draft version of an After Effects Extension template
  • Template Navigation Shortcut
    • The page header now contains a search bar, that allows you to look up any template and immediately navigate to its page.
✨ Optimisation
  • Media Page
    • You can now filter for media that have not been uploaded to a channel yet
    • You can now select multiple media and upload them all with a few clicks
  • Assets
    • Your PNG assets will now have a checkered background so that they're easier to recognise (and see, in case of white elements)
    • Drag and drop away! You don't have to click the upload button any longer before you upload files, if the asset manager is open you can drag your files in right away
  • Breadcrumbs have received a visual update, showing more content
  • CRM Analytics received a visual update, tabs to navigate through template versions have been polished and the date picker has been improved
  • A multitude of bug fixes and performance improvements
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