Creating a new template

With the Template Builder you can create either a (1) video, (2) image or (3) banner template.
You can create a new template by going to the Templates-page and clicking the Create Template button in the top right of your screen.

Depending on the features that are activated in your account you might get a pop-up with two options:

  • After Effects Project Import
  • Storyteq Template Builder.

Press the button 'Build Template' beneath the latter. This will open the Template Builder and Template Settings-modal.

In the Template Settings-modal make sure to:

  • Pick your Template type 
    At the top of the modal you see three tabs: do you want to create a (1) Video, (2) Image or (3) Banner template? This decides whether you want to create a:

    • Video file (mp4) with an image fallback (jpg)
    • Image file (jpg)
    • HTML5 banner file (zip) an image fallback (png)
  • Pick a size
    You can choose from presets that are commonly used. Or you can create a custom size by typing in the width and height at the right side of the pop-up.
  • Fill in a Template Name
    Create a name for your new video, image or banner template.
  • Decide your Size Name
    You can adjust the name of your Size (e.g. Long Rectangle or 4:5, etc). The size naming can be important when you have multiple sizes, which you can easily add in a later stage. You can always adjust the name of your sizes later on. 
  • Set Duration and FPS (optional)
    If you want to create a video or a banner template you can adjust the Duration in seconds and the FPS (frames per second). You can always adjust these later on.  
  • Press Create Template
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