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This page is about the Asset Library in our Template Builder. You can find the Asset Library in the panel on the left side of your screen.


1. Importing your assets
2. Selecting multiple assets
3. Search assets
4. Toggle view
5. Sorting assets
6. Deleting items from the Asset Library

Importing your assets

On the left side in the Template Builder you can see the Assets Library. This is where you select the files you want to use for building your template. You can add Assets in different ways:
  • Import a platform asset (Folder icon)
    Import files you already uploaded to the Storyteq platform via the Asset-page (accessible via the main menu) 

  • Import a new asset (Arrow icon)
    Import files directly from your computer by selecting them on your computer.

  • Drag and Drop
    Select files in your file explorer and drop them directly into the Asset Library, the timeline or on the canvas:
    • Dropping a file on canvas or timeline instantly places it on the canvas and uploads it in the background
    • Dropping inside the editor's file viewer will upload the file
    • Any of these actions can also be done while dragging multiple files into the editor

Selecting multiple assets

You can select multiple files in the Asset Library by using your mouse in combination with pressing a key. Hold down Ctrl (Windows) or Cmd (Mac) while clicking on the files to make a specific selection. Hold down Shift while clicking to select a continuous row of files.

Search assets

You can search assets using the search bar above the Asset Library.

Toggle view

You can toggle the view between Thumbnail-view and List-view with the designated icons in the bar beneath the Asset Library.

Sorting assets

You can sort your assets based on Name, File size and Date added.

Deleting items from the Asset Library

You can delete items by selecting them in the Asset Library and clicking the Bin-icon. Please note! The files are then removed from the Asset Library in the Template Builder, but not entirely from the Storyteq-platform. They are still available via the Asset-page, accessible via the main menu.

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