Layers Panel & Timeline

This page is about the Layers Panel and the Timeline in the Template Builder.
They show all your assets on the canvas as layers. 

  • The Layers Panel is always visible within the Template builder and allows you to - among other things - determine their order. 
  • The Timeline is only visible for Video and Banner templates. It allows you to determine their order and placement through time, creating a sequence of texts, shapes and assets which play in the timeline from left to right. 


1. Locking layers
2. Changing layer visibility
3. Adjusting layer colors
4. Layer icons
5. Adjusting layer names
6. Multi-selection of layers
7. Zooming in- and out on the timeline

Locking layers

You can lock layers out of editing by clicking on the Lock-icon of a layer in the Layers Panel. This makes any adjustment to this layer impossible. The asset can’t be selected on the canvas either.

Changing layer visibility

Toggle visibility of layers by clicking on the eye-icon in the Layers Panel.
Important: toggling off the visibility of a layer means that it won’t be visible in the media you create with your template. If you have multiple (canvas) sizes in your template, you can toggle visibility per size.   

Adjusting layer colors

Colors of layers are automatically set by layer type: text, image, shape, video and audio. If you want to change the color of a layer, you can by clicking on the colored square of a layer. This will open a window in which you can pick a color.

Layers icons

From left to right the icons in the Layers Panel show: (1) if the layer is dynamic or not, (2) if the layer is animated or not and (3) the type of layer: text, image, shape, video, audio.

Adjusting layer names

A layer will automatically be named after the uploaded asset or the shape you’re using. If you mark a layer as dynamic, the name of the layer will automatically change into the Parameter Label. If you change the name of the layer yourself by double-clicking on it in the Layers Panel, this will override any automatically given name.

Multi-selection of layers

Hold down Shift while clicking on multiple layers to select them. You are then able to:
  • Move them together on the canvas.
  • Delete them by pressing the Backspace or Delete key.
  • Move their position on the timeline by holding Shift and dragging with your mouse.
  • Change their duration on the timeline, by holding Shift and dragging the start or end of one of the selected layers.

Adjusting position & duration:

Moving & Deleting:

Zooming in- and out on the timeline

You can zoom in- and out on the timeline by:

  • Using the slider in the left bottom corner of the canvas.
  • Scrolling when holding down Ctrl (Windows) or Cmd (Mac) when your cursor is positioned on the timeline.
  • Pressing Ctrl and + or - (Windows) or Cmd and + or - (Mac) when your cursor is positioned on the timeline.
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