Template Builder - v0.5

Release version 0.5
Published: October 1, 2020

Version 0.5 of the template builder brings a load of new features improving the basic editing features, but also bringing unique features like magically resizing your template to a different aspect ratio.

🚀 What's New
  • Added duplicate and resize functionality
    • Duplicate your current template directly in the editor
    • Resize the template to a different aspect ratio, using a smart algorithm to magically reposition all your elements
  • Snapping and alignment guidelines
    • Will activate when enabling the magnet in the top bar
    • Helps with snapping and alignment of elements on the canvas
  • Adjustable canvas
    • Enables you to get straight down to the nitty gritty
    • Use the magnifying glass to set a zoom factor or use your middle scroll
    • Or move freely by holding spacebar and dragging the mouse around the canvas
  • Layer multi selection while holding shift key (formerly cmd/ctrl key)
    • Move multi-selection on the canvas
    • Delete multi-selection using backspace/delete
    • Move multi-selected layers on timeline, while holding shift
  • Added drag and drop directly from file explorer
    • Dropping a file or font on canvas or timeline instantly places it on the canvas and uploads it in the background
    • Dropping inside the editor's file viewer will upload the file
    • Any of these actions can also be done while dragging multiple files into the editor
✨ Optimisation
  • Improved file viewer
    • Styling improvements
    • Display video durations
  • Improved canvas controls
    • Moving elements using arrow keys (hold shift to increase movement speed)
    • Added more keybindings
  • Sidebar improvements
    • Various UX improvements
    • Hex color and opacity fields beside color picker are now interactive
    • Selecting any number field (dimensions, position etc.) you can hold down ctrl/cmd to speed up increments by 10
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