Storyteq Platform - v1.7

Release version 1.7
Published: September 15, 2020

Version 1.7 of the platform introduces an updated creation form for media, which centres more on the media preview, and a quick access search bar for you to navigate to other templates in a matter of seconds. We have also optimised certain platform flows like the uploading of your files (you can drop right away), CRM Analytics, and media upload. You can also filter for media that have not been uploaded yet now, and your PNG assets will be easier to recognise with the checkerboard background.

🚀 What's New
  • Renewed Media Creation Form
    • We've prioritised the media preview more, which appears for every template created with the Template Builder and for selected After Effects templates.
    • The Media Preview has been updated, allowing you to more easily toggle between player modes
    • Direct access to create or edit a draft of your Template Builder templates, or to publish your draft version of an After Effects Extension template
  • Template Navigation Shortcut
    • The page header now contains a search bar, that allows you to look up any template and immediately navigate to its page.
✨ Optimisation
  • Media Page
    • You can now filter for media that have not been uploaded to a channel yet
    • You can now select multiple media and upload them all with a few clicks
  • Assets
    • Your PNG assets will now have a checkered background so that they're easier to recognise (and see, in case of white elements)
    • Drag and drop away! You don't have to click the upload button any longer before you upload files, if the asset manager is open you can drag your files in right away
  • Breadcrumbs have received a visual update, showing more content
  • CRM Analytics received a visual update, tabs to navigate through template versions have been polished and the date picker has been improved
  • A multitude of bug fixes and performance improvements
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