Top Bar Actions

The Top Bar in the Template Builder provides you with some actions. This article explains the options this Top Bar gives you as a user. 


1. Navigating back to Templates
2. Duplicate
3. Save (and setting autosave intervals)
4. Publish

Navigating back to Templates

You can exit the Template Builder by clicking on < Back to Templates in the left upper corner. This will take you back to the Template Overview page.


If you want to Duplicate your template, for instance, to create a spin-off version, you can click on the Duplicate button in the top right corner. This will open up a modal where you can set the name of your duplicate template. You can confirm by clicking the button Create and open.

Save (and setting autosave intervals)

You can save your template by clicking on the Save-button in the top right corner. Hovering over the button will show two options. You can autosave every 30 seconds, or autosave every minute.


When your template is finished you can hit the blue Publish button in the top right corner. This will publish your template on the Storyteq-platform, after which you’ll be able to create media with your template.

You can always adjust and change your template later on and Publish a new version again, overwriting the previous one.

Upon clicking Publish, you’ll be prompted with a modal to confirm. If there are any warning those will be mentioned here. You’ll receive warnings when you haven’t set a thumbnail time (in case of video) when parameters aren’t assigned to a layer or in other cases that might block you from using the template in a successful way. 

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