Storyteq Platform - v2.0

Release version 2.0
Published: November 10, 2020

We're pushing the version of the Storyteq Creative Automation Platform to v2.0! With a revised template overview and expanded template settings, the platform has grown to a website that's far removed from what version 1 once was. These changes should allow you to more easily navigate through your template features (such as batches), manage your template better and set you up for upcoming features in the Storyteq Template Builder!

🚀 What's New
  • Template Settings panel
    • Besides the general settings you were accustomed to, we have added multiple other settings which are both new or imported from a different place. Through template versioning, you can delete, duplicate and publish versions. The media naming has been added to this modal and if you have an integration this is the place where you can manage it.
  • Template Parameter Settings
    • As part of the template settings, we have created a specific section for the parameters of your template. Now you can manually set:
      • The order of parameters (which will impact the media creation form)
      • The labels of parameters
      • A parameter description
  • Action bar for important actions
    • If you have a draft for a Template Builder template, or if you have an After Effects template that still is in testing mode, the page will show you a big action bar that you can use to quickly navigate to your draft or to publish your template. You can also close this bar and it will not show again for the current draft version of your template. 
  • Quick Media Actions
    • On each media row in your template table, you'll now have access to some shortcuts on hover, allowing you to quickly perform actions without having to expand the row
  • Batch Tabs
    • Previously each batch had its own page. Now a batch opens in a new tab, which you can also close manually. You can quickly navigate between the batches and the template overview, while you can also now filter through your batch media.
✨ Optimisation
  • UX & UI Improvements
    • When selecting multiple media, the actions you can perform and how they are presented have been smoothed out
    • You can now also set a template description to give other users an idea about the template
    • The table has received a small update to get a more clean feeling
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