Template Builder - v0.6

Release version 0.6
Published: October 13, 2020

Quickly after version 0.5, we follow up with v0.6 for Dynamic Sizes. No more duplicates of templates just to get a different size for your video: You can all do it now in the same template!

🚀 What's New
  • Add and manage sizes
    When editing a template, you can now add one or more additional sizes. You can label these yourself, and remove them if you're not happy with the result.
  • Automatically resize
    When adding a size, you can select an existing size to source from. This size is then used to calculate the sizing and positioning of each timeline element with respect to your newly added size! Magic!
  • Size-specific visibility
    The timeline is shared through all sizes, but you can show or hide elements on each individual size
  • Create multiple sizes with one Template Builder template!
    Before you needed an After Effects project to render multiple sizes. Now, thanks to the Dynamic Resizer, you're only a few steps away from rendering multi-size media with a single template, without using additional software!

For more extensive information, check out the guide for Dynamic Sizes.

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