The home page is the first screen you arrive after you successfully logged in to your account. The home page serves to give you a quick overview of what has recently happened, and it consists out of multiple widgets. 

Below we elaborate on the specific functions of each widget.  


1. Videos created
4. Release Notes
2. Total Time Watched
5. Latest Media
3. Bundle Usage or Feedback Module
6. Latest Storyteq blog post

1. Videos created

The ‘videos created’ widget shows you the total amount of successfully rendered videos in the last 7 days. This does not contain videos that are still being rendered. Videos that failed rendering are also not counted as ‘created videos’.

2. Total time viewed

The ‘Total Time Watched’ widget gives an indication of the total amount of time users watched your rendered videos during the last 7 days. Made up of Hours : Minutes : Seconds.

3. Bundle Usage

Based on the agreement you made with Storyteq, you have a certain amount of renders available (dubbed a "Bundle"). The ‘Bundle Usage’ widget shows you a progression of the used number of renders in relation to your total available number of renders. The count is reset each month.

n.b. If you don't have an agreement based on smart advertisement or manual creation, e.g. a CRM campaign, this widget is replaced by a Feedback module to quickly contact the Storyteq team.

4. Release Notes

We are constantly updating our platform. In this widget you’ll find a version update and a summary of the latest feature releases. If you have any question about a new feature, or you want to do a feature request, don’t hesitate to ask us using the Support page. This widget will link to a more elaborate Release Note page in the near future.

5. Latest Media

In this player you’ll see the latest media you or another user within your company created with our platform.

6. Latest Storyteq Blog Post

We love to keep you up to date about the latest stuff within our market. With our blog posts we show you our approach, successes, failures and everything you need to know about what’s going on at Storyteq and the dynamic video market.

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