Templates - Overview


1. Template - Your Templates in one view
2. Filtering
3. Tagging - Creating and applying
4. Switching Viewing Mode

1. Template - Your templates in one view

With a Template you can start creating you own media based on multiple variables. The tiles you find on this page represent your templates. The templates you’ll find here are always pre-created by Storyteq, its partners or the end client. This happens earlier in the process of your collaboration with Storyteq. The Template tile shows thumbnails that are part of the Templates’ media, accompanied by the Template title and the number of media created so far. If a template is tagged (see below), the tile will show the tag(s) in the upper right corner.

2. Filtering

Next to tagging, you can apply a filter to search through your templates. The search box enables you to look for any type of value, and the platform will look through the template names and show you matching titles. You can also filter by tag.

After you used the filter, the button will show that filters are active. To remove the filter; click on the button and select ‘clear filters’ in the bottom left of the dialog. 

3. Tagging - Creating and applying

When you reach a certain number of templates, it might become hard to keep them apart. To make your template navigation easier, Storyteq enables you to tag your templates so that you can group your templates.

If you click the ‘Tagging’ button in the upper right corner, a small dialog will appear. From here, you can easily create a new tag by giving it a name and color. Click ‘create’ to add the tag to your tags-collection.

After you’ve created the tag, you need to assign templates to it. To do so, select the tag from your tag-collection by clicking on it. You are then able to select the templates you want to include in the group. After you’ve selected all the preferred templates, hit the ‘apply tags’-button in the upper right corner.

Creating a tag

4. Switching viewing mode

The default view shows your templates in chronological order, based on date of creation. You can also sort your template by tag. If you switch the viewmode toggle, your templates are sorted by their tag and presented in groups.

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