Media - Filtering and Sharing


1. Using filters

2. Sharing filter results as a collection

While you will usually navigate through media using your templates, there's a chance that you want to get a view from a higher level: Above templates. Meaning all existing media, cross-templates. For that purpose the Media page has been made.

On this page all your created media are listed (most recent on top).

1. Using filters

When viewing all your media, chances are that you still don't want to see all of them. Maybe you just want to know which media have been uploaded to YouTube? Or you only want to see videos that were made in a 16:9 Aspect Ratio? The filter on the right hand side of the page allows you to show media based on filter criteria.

Search for a parameter name, and finish it by selecting a value that belongs to that parameter. For example, selecting "Aspect Ratio", followed by choosing "16x9" will only show media created with that aspect ratio.

2. Sharing filter results as a collection

A requested feature was the ability to show created media to people that are not connected to the Storyteq platform. For example, you are a content creator, use our Smart Production solution to create hundreds of video, but your own client hasn't seen them yet and isn't familiar with the Storyteq platform. Sharing the results of a filter as a collection allows you to show a group of media to somebody outside of the Storyteq platform!

When creating a filter, below there's an option to "Create a sharing link". That button requires you to fill in a name, after which the filter is saved and can be seen in the "VIEW FILTERS" tab. From there you can copy a link. This link leads to a webpage outside of the Storyteq platform. This webpage can be viewed without authorization. All media that were a part of the filter you created are listed on that webpage!

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