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Storyteq allows you to upload files so that they are easily accessible when you're going to create media or a template with the Template Builder. The Assets page serves as your file management library.

1. Assets Overview page 

At the top of the assets overview page, you find options to alter display mode, filter assets, sort assets, or search the asset you are looking for. Below you find the description of these options, discussed from left to right. 

Switch Viewing Mode
The default view shows your assets in tiles. You can switch to ‘List mode’ by clicking on the button on the right side next to the button with the 9 blue squares (see the yellow outlined button in the image above).   

Filter Media Type
If you click on the button 'All Media Types' you get a dropdown menu that displays all media types in your assets library (see dropdown menu in the image above). 

To set the order of your assets you can pick a way to sort your assets using the 'Sort button'. The assets are by default sorted by Upload Date. By clicking on the arrow you van decide if you want to show the last updated or first updates assets on top. You can also sort them by Size (either the biggest files or smallest files on top) or Name (alphabetical order starting at A or at Z).  

Search bar
The Search function allows you to look through your file names. 

2. File Details and options

At any time you can download or delete a file from the library by clicking the individual asset in the file view. These options appear as soon as you select one of your assets in the overview. Apart from that selecting an asset will also make the name, date, and size of that asset appear. 

3. Uploading files

Add a new file to the library by using the 'Upload Files' button, or by dragging files from your pc and drop them in the Assets Overview Page. Both uploading processes allow you to upload multiple files at the same time. 

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