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1. Submitting a support ticket
2. Viewing and managing your support tickets

1. Submitting a support ticket

You can submit a support ticket for multiple reasons

  • You have a question for which you can't find an answer
  • You have found an issue that needs to be fixed
  • You have an idea for a feature that you would like to suggest

You can contact Storyteq using a support ticket. Sometimes you can do that by using a "Report" functionality within the page that you are using at that moment. At other times, you can always access the Support through your avatar, selecting the "Support" menu item.

When submitting a ticket you'll be required to specify why you want to contact us. When submitting an error report, you'll also be able to give a "Priority" rating to the issue to let us know how fast bugs needs to be fixed. Give your message a subject, write about what has happened, and we will contact you as soon as possible through the Support portal:

2. Viewing and managing your support tickets

After submitting a support ticket, it's progress can be followed on the Support page:

In the last column a status is given to the ticket. Whenever a Storyteq employee has seen your ticket, he will get to work and set the status on "In Progress". The chat window can be used to communicate with the employee.

[The Support page is still under development].

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