Email optimisation

Storyteq always strives to get the best out of a moment of contact. In an e-mail flow, there are a number of buttons that can be turned to optimize it.

  1. Open rate
    Optimizing the subject line to maximize reach
  2. Clicks
    Optimizing the email content and design 
  3. Conversions
    Optimizing the landing page content and design (this is discussed in a separate article)
Only one test can always be performed at a time so that the variables can be isolated and reliable results can be obtained. This also means that if different subject lines are tested, they must be sent out at the same time, so that the time of transmission cannot influence the results. In addition, the test group must always be large enough to draw conclusions for the entire population. Minimum n = 1,000 of which conversion n> 100.




The subject line is the first moment in an email flow where you come into contact with your recipients. This is, therefore, a very important step. There's a lot to gain by optimizing subject lines as it widens the top of the funnel. 


The e-mail template is the next important step to get the recipient on the landing page. After all, the choice to play the video is made in the e-mail template.

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