Technical implementation

This section of our knowledge base elaborates certain aspects of our technique and the way of working with that technique. Please note that this is just a reference and your actual implementation of our technique will most likely be (slightly) different.


Storyteq render API
Example of a CRM flow
Description of the CRM flow
Advertising flow

Storyteq render API

We implement our technique both in CRM applications and in Advertising applications. Both of these applications make use of our render functionality. For this rendering functionality, we have an API. More information about this render API can be found here.

Example of a CRM flow

For your reference, an example of a CRM flow looks like this:

Description of the CRM flow

  • The Customer Data is imported (trigger-based, or in bulk) from the clients CRM system/database via a REST connection or sFTP folder
  • The Customer Data travels through the Storyteq REST API to the 'rendering nodes'. On the (shielded) rendering nodes, the Customer Data is processed on a video template and a Personal Video and a Personal Gif are made
  • Storyteq then posts the URL’s of the video & the .gif to the CRM system/database of the client and optionally posts a ‘create e-mail’ for a specific email template (incorporating the generated gif/still and a link to the video)
  • The email is sent to the user(s) through the clients CRM system/database. The user clicks on the email and lands on a landings page where the personal video is played.
  • The render node returns the Personal Video to the Storyteq database and subsequently cleans up the Customer Data from the render node
  • Storyteq removes the Personal Video from its database after 30 days (unless agreed otherwise)
  • Storyteq has put in place commercially reasonable physical, electronic, and organizational procedures to safeguard and secure the information (Data) we collect, receive and/or process through or/and with Storyteq’s services. These are described in our Data Policy.

Advertising flow

Our platform can be used for video advertising. The channels that can be used are:

  • Facebook/Instagram (via FB business manager)
  • Youtube (via Google Ads or DV360)
  • Open-web/VAST (via DV360 or direct deals)

For your reference, an example of an Advertising flow looks like this:

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