Cameras & Lights

We try to refrain from using camera’s and lights within After Effects. Camera’s (and lights) force AE to calculate the entire scene in 3D, opposed to simple 2D animation. This heavilly affects rendertimes for our renderfarm. This only applies to the personalised parts. Go crazy on the non-personalised parts.

Our recommendation:
If you want to mimic the panning/sliding of a camera, we would recommend parenting everything to a null object and simply animating that in the desired manner. If you want to create a paralax effect simple use multiple null objects with different movement speeds. This simple but essential change in workflow can easilly chop the rendertimes in half, if not more! If you want to create a shadow for a personalised text for example, you can duplicate the textlayer, change color and opacity to look like shadow and tilt it to the right position instead of using a light and a camera for example.

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