Color correction

Color correction is a vital part of professional video. You should do this the best you can in whatever way you feel comfortable. However, when it comes to colorgrading personalised information, we do have some recommendations.

These items are graded live on the renderfarm, and need to be as light as possible.

Note that it should only be to just nudge the personal images or text into the right direction. Think of making an uploaded profile picture look a little bit older to match the scene better. If entire colors should be changed, you need a different approach.

Our recommendations:
Use simple effects like

  • Levels
  • Hue/Saturation
  • Brightness/Contrast

Do not use things like Lumetri Colors, as that is quite heavy on the rendering. If you need the entire Lumetri suite you may need to think of a different aproach, like changing the source material.

Simple text should never be color corrected, unless it has something like an animated shade over it. If your text is not the right color, please just change the source color instead of applying color correction to the text layer.

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