What is a video template?

We often get this question. In this article, we'll give you a rundown of what we see as a video template (and subsequently, what this means for you).


1. What is a Video Template?
2. Dynamic Elements
3. Dynamic Scenes
4. When is a Template a New Template?
5. Template Alterations

1. What is a Video Template?

In the core, a video template consists of a base video in which elements are set to be swappable. We call these elements 'dynamic'. Things like text, images, sound, video or even entire scenes. Giving you the ability to create customized videos at scale and at speed, without sacrificing creative quality. Templates can be used for updating content to specific offers and pricing. Or adjusting content to specific audiences, languages or locations. A video template helps you to create better-performing creatives in less time.

2. Dynamic Elements

A dynamic element is something in a video that can be changed from our dashboard or from a data trigger (e.g. a change in a feed). This can, for example, be the aspect ratio of the video, a text element, an image element or a video element.

3. Dynamic Scenes

A dynamic scene is a scene of a video that has multiple variations (e.g. Scene 1a and Scene 1b) or a scene that can be removed from or added to the video (to create another story-line).

4. When is a template a new template?

To make things understandable and to give some boundaries, we limit the number of dynamic elements in a video template at 8 dynamic elements, and we limit the number of dynamic scenes in a video template at 3 dynamic scenes. 

When the amount of dynamic elements exceeds 8 or the amount of dynamic scenes exceeds 3, we will charge you for 2 templates (or 3 at 17 dynamic elements etc.). In addition to the before-mentioned, a video template is also one file (often one After Effects file). If there are 2 files, those are 2 templates.

5. Template Alterations?

When you want to change an existing template (e.g. by adding a dynamic element, adding a scene or changing the position of an element), we need to open up the template and edit it. In this case, we speak of a template alteration. If you want to change more than 3 dynamic elements and/or scenes, we will see this as a new template.

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