What is dynamic video?

Dynamic video content changes according to who is watching the video. 

In-video ads, the targeting data provided by advertising platforms (e.g. Facebook and YouTube) is used to create a more relevant experience. Think of location, age, or interests. The length, language, or aspect ratio of a video (e.g. landscape (16:9), square (1:1), or vertical (9:16) can be a dynamic aspect as well. 

When personal elements, such as the viewer’s name, email, birthdate, or other client data, are inserted in a dynamic video, people often speak of  personalized video or personal video. These videos aren’t seen in advertising but used in customer journeys to create more engaging touchpoints. 

In contrast to creating separate original videos for each individual recipient, dynamic video leverages technology – the Storyteq dynamic video platform – to allow you to use the same base video over and over again. The video has points within it that have been designated as fields where dynamic elements can be inserted. So, a dynamic video is one base video containing fields for dynamic elements, that is then replicated for each new viewer. ( Also, see ‘What is a video template?’)

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