Animation vs. Live Action

When do you choose for real images with real people? Or for illustrated images? This all depends on the emotion you want to convey, the needs of the recipient and the purpose of the video. Each has its advantages, namely:

Live-action Animation
Connecting and emoting

Do you want to convey a feeling or an atmosphere? Then live-action is more appropriate. The richness of body language and facial expressions cannot be animated. Live-action is much more successful at reflecting authenticity, humanity in action, depth, and richness.  

<> Explaining and teaching

If you want to explain something abstract or complex, then animation is extremely suitable. Animation can simplify complicated ideas, making the main points easier to comprehend. Some things can just not be visualized with real images: photography or video. 

Limited reality
It shows reality with all its limitations.

Endless fantasy
Fantasy is the only limitation.
Everything is possible.

Difficult to adjust

Modifying an existing live-action film is relatively difficult.


Easily adaptable

Compared to live-action, it is often much easier to make adjustments to an animation.

Sometimes it is wise to combine live-action and animation. Suppose you want to welcome someone personally, then live action is best, but if you want to explain something complex shortly afterward, animation is suitable.

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