Release Notes v1.6

We've released version 1.6 of the Storyteq Smart Creative Platform!

A new way of browsing and managing templates, upgraded support tickets and improved performance.

After a lot of work we have updated our platform. A combination of our feature roadmap and user feedback has resulted in a renewed template overview and our biggest release to date. Let's go through the changes so you know what you get to work with!

1. Template Overview

1.1 Action Bar

Let's start from the top. Not the most exciting maybe, but it controls a lot of the new stuff that follows afterwards! 

1. Improved filtering and sorting

Similar functionalities were already present in the platform, but they were a bit hidden. We've brought them to the front. Now you are 1 click away from searching through your template titles, sorting them and filtering them by either their status or applied tags.

2. View Settings & Tag Manager

We're introducing 2 new features: The ability to favourite your templates, or archive them. 

  • Favourite Templates
    By default, templates that you have favourited will be displayed on top of your template listing. Disable this feature by toggling the switch. Your templates will keep their favourite status, but they will be adhere to your sorting parameters.
  • Archived Templates
    In the (new) Template Settings, you can Archive a template. It enables you to clean up your templates, because the template is taken out of your regular template listing when you archive it. Nothing else happens to the template: It's still live, it's still accessible through URL, you can still make media. However, it won't show up, unless you disable the invisibility of those templates with this switch.

The "Manage Tags" opens up a dialog in which you can manage the tags that have been created on your company account. In the dialog, you can create new tags or edit/delete existing tags.

3. View Mode Toggle

This toggle was already present but now it actually represents what you expect: An actual list view mode. Switch between Cards and List view by toggling this switch.

1.2 Improved Card View

We've improved the way templates are presented in card view. Some of the problems with the old cards were that they took up a lot of space, the titles were cut off very fast, and Portrait video's weren't visualised in the most optimal way. That's why we've designed the new cards with the following properties:

  • A square aspect ratio, showing as much thumbnail as possible for both landscape and portrait videos
  • More space for titles, up to 3 lines
  • More actions and data when you hover on a card

1. Tags are shown in the card, up to 3 at a time (if more than 3 are present they are represented by a color, showing them all on hover).
2. On hover, you have access to the Template Settings and the Favourite Toggle. Click on cogwheel to open the settings for this template, and click on the star to favourite your template. Clicking the star on a favourite template disables it again.

1.3 Template Settings

As mentioned above, you now have access to Template Settings. 

In this dialog you have a few options regarding a template:

1. Template name
Pretty obvious, you can rename your template yourself

2. Tags
Here you can name a tag, give it a color and attach it to the template. You can select an existing tag or add a new one. You can manage them in the Tag Manager.

3. Archive Template
If you flip this switch your template is archived, and (by default) it won't show up in your template listing. It's still accessible through its URL and it's still live. If you can't find it, disable the "Hide Archived Templates" feature in your View Settings. 

1.4 List View Mode

Long requested and probably long overdue: The Template List View! Cards are fun and nice to look at, but if you're running with a lot of templates, browsing becomes a bit harder. That's why we're introducing the list view, that displays your templates in a tabled view, giving more details in less (vertical) space.

The List View Mode shows the exact same templates, with the same actions. 

1. If you hover a row, on the left side you can find the Favourite toggle. It works the same as in the cards view: Click to disable or enable the favourite status of your template
2. Attached tags are displayed in this column
3. Click on the cogwheel to access this template's settings

This view also shows you the status in its own column, which could go from Draft (if a template is not live yet), through Preparing (a template is rendering or uploading) to Live.

2. Tickets

2.1 Tabs

Tickets are now divided in tabs based on their status. As your ticket progresses it will move from left to right. We also added a refresh button.

2.2 Improved chat functionality

We expanded the chat functionality with support for attachments. It is now possible to upload screenshots, screencasts or any other file to help you explain your issue, or help us show you a possible solution.

2.3 Notifications

From now on, each time some one responds to your ticket, you will receive an email notification, so no more manual checking!

3. Performance Improvements

We did a lot of optimisation in the back end of our platform. This should make your experience a lot more snappy. Especially when loading the template overview or while listing and filtering media for a template or in the media overview. Generating CSV exports should also be a lot faster.

We hope you will enjoy this release as much as we did building it. If you have questions about our platform or a feature request, make sure to send us a ticket.

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